Dark Oak Brown 6x4' Rustic Air-Dried Fireplace Beam Mantle Piece Floating Shelf

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Handmade to Order

Handcrafted in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland, our products are crafted with precision and time, giving them the best look and feel possible. We use a variety of woods to achieve this and coupled with our beautiful decorative options you'll be sure to get the size and style your after.

Looking to give your fireplace the full effect? We also offer Corbels as an optional extra to match the look and style of your mantle.

We do not predict any fitting sizes, therefore we do not predrill any of our products. Upon request we can drill fitting holes to the appropriate size given by the customer, however, we advise that the customer will be responsible for any sizing issues.

Need a different size? Contact us with your sizes and preferred style and we'll respond within 48 hours with a personalised quote.

*We would like to remind customers that these products are made from natural materials and are therefore prone to the elements. Hairline splitting, colour and splinting are some effects that may come with age.*